Ikoo Valley is an extensive scenic site to behold offering a beautiful get away from an otherwise busy town life. It’s located 30kms form Kitui town and 20kms from Mwingi. The valley also forms the origin of River Ikoo which runs Eastwards towards the Mui Basin.

The valley overlooks Kea area to the South, the Mutitu Hills and Zombe area to the Far East. The valley has several viewing points, with three popularly used by locals. The Kaluu viewpoint is at Kaluu sub location at the top of a hill. This viewpoint overlooks the Ikoo River that meanders magnificently at the floor of the valley on its way to Mutitu then to Zombe where it joins Thua River.
Rock climbers will also enjoy because to get to the top of the hill it’s purely rock climbing. As one sweats climbing up there, there is also a refreshing cool breeze that is felt which is very refreshing. Additionally from up there one can see baboons jumping from one tree to another.

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