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Open Bar & restaurant

Located at open space close to the pool, and at a proximity from the main Villa. The Parkside Open Bar/Club can be transformed to a perfect wedding section or any party vibe themed of event. We serve all local beers and selected imported ones, while relaxed while watching football.

You can treat yourself to a variety of whiskeys, vodka, cocktails, and wine, whichever lights up your taste buds.

The bar is located next to our Kitchen Corner. That’s the little-known secret our guests uncover immediately the sweet aroma fills up the space and the temptation to order the Chef’s special wins them over.


  • Parkside Open Bar/Club has earned the reputation as the perfect chill spot to usher in the Weekends and New Year for Kituians, residents, and non-residents.

  • Fitted with the best sound system, Big Screens/TV, party lighting, and a wide variety of drinks to enjoy yourself, a night at Parkside Bar/Club is guaranteed to be the most memorable in Kitui.

  • While it’s a party inside Parkside Bar/Club, it is all quiet and business as usual outside the club and all other places within the hotel.

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